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The Goal of Confident Marketing Every Day

Confident Marketing Every Day gives you top-level marketing advice, knowledge and resources for creating habits and activities you can build upon to grow your business online. Confident Marketing Every Day membership will keep you moving forward week by week with "the simple strategic marketing newsletter"  with advice for the whole of your online business.

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The Simple Strategic Marketing Newsletter Subscription

Have you ever signed up for something and then forgotten what the sales page promised? I certainly have! I’ll search through emails, saved documents and my browser history to make sure I’m making the most of my investment.

I’m going to save you the trouble by recapping what you can expect as a subscriber to Confident Marketing Every Day (membership name) and receiving "the simple strategic marketing newsletter."

Marketing Strategies

1. Each month, receive a new, in-depth issue of "the simple strategic marketing newsletter" every week.  filled with action-oriented training on a specific marketing theme. Inside, you’ll find proven strategies, techniques, and actions for marketing your business every day—the same strategies, techniques, and actions I’ve helped my clients used to run and grow their online businesses. 

Marketing Strategies

2. Each Monday, receive the Monday Nudge, an email with specific, actionable ways to take over the next seven days to move your online business forward. Weekly Nudge topics are aligned with these following digital marketing areas.
• Online Visibility Strategies
• Marketing Funnels
• Email Marketing
• Social Media
• Website Optimization
• Retention Marketing
• Video Marketing
• Understanding SEO


3. As an active member, you have access to a library of past newsletter issues. You can go back to brush up on the techniques and strategies of any past theme.

Daily Marketing Guide
Daily Marketing Guide

4. As a subscription bonus, your 👑Sea Chest is filled with resources you can use to Set Sail right away. Treasures like a Daily Marketing Calendar, Marketing for Success Activities, Time Management tips, and more. We’ll be adding more tools to the Sea Chest as our journey continues. And you can see what’s in your Sea Chest right now at the end of this document!

My Promise to You

When you jump from one quick-fix marketing tactic to another, you lose time and money. I promise to help you know what works, and how to stick with it. My promise is to help you achieve the success you long for, step by step.

Janice Hurlburt. Welcome to C-Me Membership

Build Your Confidence!


Build Your Confidence!

If you buckle down and focus on the marketing tasks I recommend, you’ll be firmly on a specific path that will lead you to one smart action after another, growing your confidence along the way.

Your Responsibility

You already know that success comes when you put effort into the right actions designed to get you to the destination you’re after. Confident Marketing Every Day membership is no different. You have to commit to taking steps that fit your business. 

You don’t have to do everything you learn. I wouldn’t want you to do that because it would cause you to veer off course from making the money you desire and reaching your life goals. Use your inner compass to choose from the information I share with you each month. Leave some techniques on the back burner, taking them out only when you’re ready. You may never be ready for some of them. And that’s okay.

  1. Calendar 60 minutes the first week of every month to read the 👑 "the simple strategic newsletter." 
    • After you read it, take 30 minutes to consider where the information inside fits into your business.
    • Take at least one idea from the newsletter to implement each month.
    • Complete one task for that new idea (or for an old idea you haven’t used) each week.

  2. Every Monday, read the Monday Nudge; each week, complete one task from it.
  3. Track your activity so you can see the results.

When you do these things consistently, you’ll begin to know what to do each month and every week. Consider me your guide—a guide who’s helping you to take control of your online marketing.  

What happens if you get lost?

No problem. I care deeply about your success. If you don’t find the answer in the Sea Chest, then email me.

The Building Blocks

OMG - There are so many ways to market my business!

I know, I know. Every minute of every day, people are coming at you with another technique to market your business. 

Most marketing experts advocate for you to set your marketing strategy before creating your plan. I differ in that regard because I want you to begin TODAY

But I don’t want you to dive in willy-nilly. I want you to take concrete steps I know will work. You may prefer some methods over others; for instance, you might be shy about creating videos or going live on social media, but have no problem writing emails and blog posts. 

Here’s the thing - you can choose.


Even so, keep it simple. Trust me to help you find your focus each month. We’ll start with the methods I know will have the biggest impact on your business starting today. You can’t learn how to sail a 48-foot yacht before you know how to row a boat. Let’s take it one step at a time, together.

The Monday Nudge

Monday Nudges to keep you on track

The Monday Nudge

The Monday Nudge will keep you on track to set aside chuck of time in your schedule every week. It will arrive in your inbox each Monday following the theme email that arrives on the first Monday. 

The Monday Nudge’s email will give you specific, actionable steps you can do during that week. The nudges will relate directly with marketing your business online with new activites each month. This way, you’ll know exactly what to do every week to move your online business forward.

In your Monday Nudge, you’ll also receive reminders of the top-tier tasks you already learned about. These reminders will be in the form of Follow-Up tips—activities you need to do habitually every week. I will nudge you to do them. 

The takeaway from all this? I’m already committed to your success.

Are you?

Your 👑Sea Chest

Your subscription bonus 👑Sea Chest is loaded with treasures right now! To make your journey as smooth as possible, I’ll mention and link to these resources in the monthly newsletters and in your nudge emails. I’ll be regularly adding more treasures. Depending on your business, you’ll use some of these treasures right away, whereas others may be just items of interest.  

ACCESS to 👑Sea Chest Treasures when you are an active member

Sign up today! Your tides are about to change for the better!

Confident Marketing Every Day