Make a Home for Your Freebie
- The Landing Page

Nudge Read Time: 30 minute
Activity Time: 3-5 hours minimum


A landing page is a single webpage created specifically for sharing your offers with your target market. People visit your landing page and enter their name and email address through a webform or opt-in box to sign up for your offer.

Once you have their name and email address, you give them your freebie, of course, but you can also continue to market to them through emails, a blog, podcast, videos, etc. with the idea that they will come to know, like, and trust you and become a buyer of your products or services.

Why You Need a Landing Page

The number one purpose of a landing page is for your target audience to take action, that is, to join your email list, sign up for your webinar, or get access to your freebie.

A landing page has 1 call-to-action (CTA) just as your freebie offers 1 solution to a specific problem that your target audience has.

What Type of Landing Page? - Janice’s Top 3 Recommendations

  • 1a

    Short Optin Box landing page - This type of landing page has an Optin Box on it - a vehicle for offering your freebie to your target audience. It is a small box where people enter their name and email address. The optin box can live on your website, pop up on any web page, and be included in your blog posts, emails and social media posts.

    Here are a few samples.  

    Your Optin Box needs compelling text to convince readers to share their email address with you. Use a statement something like this: 

    Are you struggling with [Pain]? Download my FREE [Title of Freebie] and [result after they complete the freebie]

  • 2

    Long Sales Page - A long sales page is a type of landing page that has a lot more text and graphics on it, and perhaps several opt-in boxes. You can share the link to this page in your blog posts, on social media or in an email. Even on your email signature line!

    This is a larger undertaking but you can do it. Here are a few samples of Long Sales Page Landing Pages. If you’d like to create one, check out this article in your CME Treasure Chest for guidance.

  • 3

    Video Landing Page - I have to admit, this is my FAVORITE type of landing page. Why? Because few people are doing them! And Video Rocks! 


Choose which type of landing page you want to begin with. Start assembling the material you need based on the samples and we will come back to work on it more next Monday.

Materials to begin assembling for your landing page

  • 1a

    Content for the landing page

  • 2

    Any images you want to use 

  • 3


  • 4


  • 5

    Content for the Thank you page (after people click the button on your landing page, they’ll be automatically taken to a Thank You page — more on that later!)

  • 6

    Content for the opt-in box

  • 7

    Content for the email that will automatically get sent after someone signs up

  • 8

    The freebie pdf 

What comes next?

Now, if you did a read-through first to get a sense of what we are doing this week, it’s time to go back, review and plan your freebie offer for your landing page.


Those people signed up for your freebie.
Where did their names go?


Think back to the last time you signed up for someone’s offer, whether a free, webinar, or discovery call. You found a link somewhere—in an email, on social media, in a video, on a blog post. You clicked that link, and were taken to the landing page. On the landing page, you entered your name and email address and clicked the button.

Then magic happened! On the next page, or in your email, you received the freebie you signed up for.
If you signed up for a webinar, you received a confirmation email. And then, over time, you continue receiving emails from that company or person.

How did all of that happen? That’s what comes next!

When people sign up for your offer, they are automatically added to your email list. Your email list is crucial; it’s what makes ONGOING marketing magic possible.

I recommend that you get your email marketing system set up ASAP because your email list is the one thing you OWN. You don’t own anything on Facebook or other online resources. Yes, you own your website, but your website is not the same as your email list. Your website can contain opt-in forms to grow your list!

So… do you have an email marketing service? If so, great. You’ll want to connect your new opt-in to your email provider.

If not, take heart. It doesn’t have to be complicated to get started.

Need help figuring out which email platform to use and what your options are? Schedule a consultation with me. Because you’re a VIP subscriber to Confident Marketing Every Day, you get the opt in landing page included in your membership price of just $497 + you will have prepaid as a subscriber of Confident Marketing Every Day.

Here's a recap of your checklist for
your landing page project

Have you done the work? Congratulations! You’re on course to Catch More Sales this month! A very exciting time!

If you haven’t done the work as described in this issue, scroll down to review the short list or go back to the top.


Here’s what what you accomplished:

  • 1a

    Your started with the end in mind by setting your goal

  • 2

    You decided your main Port of Call, your key source of new clients

  • 3

    You identified your perfect solution: [Pain] + [What you do] = [Solution]

  • 4

    You picked the freebie type 

  • 5

    You created your freebie

  • 6

    You choosed the type of landing page you want to use first

  • 7

    You finished your landing page and ready to get it out there!


Whew — I know this was a lot but I also know you can do it. Let your business sales growth be your guiding light.

Have a Smooth Sailing Week!

Confident Marketing Every Day