Email Marketing + Social Media
= A Steady Stream of Clients

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Do it right, and you’ll build the most valuable asset any online business owner can have—an email list. In this month’s edition of C-Me, learn how to make
email marketing—and your list—work for you.

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You may have heard that email marketing is dead. People have been saying that since the early 2010s. Yet, in the past ten years, the number of people prioritizing email marketing over all other sources has increased. That’s no surprise.

But what is a surprise, at least to me, is how many people are ditching email marketing and relying solely on social media to get exposure and connect with customers. I understand you may think social media is more manageable and takes less time.

But let me ask you this: Where would you be if something happened to Facebook or Instagram? Not only would you lose your primary platform, but you’d also have fewer opportunities to attract people to your website and grow your list. You are using social media to grow your list because, the truth is, your list is the only thing you own.

I want to encourage you to get serious about email marketing. It’s still the most effective online method for
converting prospects into customers or clients. It’s also a great way to maintain relationships with current
customers, fans, and potential clients.

Thanks to email marketing, you can:

  • a

    Build credibility and trust by sending helpful and informative content to your audience.

  • b

    Create interesting opportunities for subscribers to engage with you so you can build relationships.

  • c

    Promote your services and make more sales. 


Email marketing brings you face-to-face with the people who matter.

And when you do it right, email marketing can generate some serious return on investment.


Let's talk more about those amazing returns from email marketing


The average ROI for email marketing is $42 for every dollar you spend.

Imagine that. Invest $100 in email marketing, and get back $4,200. Invest $1,000, get back $42,000!

Are you with me?

Yes, social media is important. Keep doing it! But please don’t neglect growing and nurturing your email list. It’s a huge mistake to put all your eggs in one Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter basket.

Plus, Email marketing is affordable

Email marketing is so affordable that even a solopreneur can use it. At MailChimp, a standard email marketing package for a list of up to 500 people runs $15 a month. And with that $15, you can send as many emails as you want.

Here’s another factoid: Email marketing is also 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than social media. 

So, what’s stopping you?

Working with hundreds of business owners, I’ve heard it all. They come up with various reasons—time, lack of excitement, not knowing how to start.
In my experience, not writing emails comes down to one reason. Fear

Fear that they aren’t good enough. Fear that they have nothing to say. Fear of rejection. The list goes on.

But, the ROI numbers I shared with you earlier, “the average ROI for email marketing is $42 for every dollar you spend,” cannot be ignored. Therefore, I would like to challenge you to start.

My Challenge to you: Write and send one email to your list this month.

Think of it as an email to your favorite client. It doesn’t have to be an extensive message. Many experts on email marketing say that the best-performing emails are short and to the point.


Not sure what to write about? Content creators write about the same topics over and over. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

  • 1a

    Find a blog post you know would interest your audience. What are your takeaways from that blog post? Write about that, adding your spin.

  • 2

    You don't need to be an expert. Start with what you know and add personal flavor. Share an exciting experience or story, applying your wisdom to your readers’ business and lives.

  • 3

    Do more than just giving people the information they can get by googling. 

  • 4

    Share a movie you watched that has a business spin.

  • 5

    You can also share the latest release of your book, membership or coaching program.

  • 6

    Talk about your latest project and how important it was to you and your client.


Take the leap and start!


The next time someone asks you what kind of marketing you’re doing, What will you tell them?

I hope your response is Marketing to my list with Email! 


Final Notes on Your Challenge

Send out one email to your current and past clients this week. If you put it off, you won’t do it.

If you have an email service provider (ESP), use that. If not, send personal emails directly to them.

Take notice of how they respond to your email. I can’t tell you how good it feels to get a reply from someone on my list who thanks me for sending them emails that help their business. Warm and fuzzy all over!

Oh - and by the way - send me a copy of your email!
I would love to read it!

Before you hit the “send” button, take a moment to double-check and review your email from the subject line right down to the footer and ask yourself:

  • 1a

    Is your subject line irresistible?

  • 2

    Have you included social sharing icons?

  • 3

    Is your design clutter-free?

  • 4

    Do you have a Call-to-Actions in your email?

  • 5

    Is your content optimized for all devices?

  • 6

    Can your readers unsubscribe if they want to?

In addition:

  • 1a

    Check every sentence for typos, grammar errors and anything that doesn’t look quite right. 

  • 2

    Read it aloud to see if anything sounds strange or just wrong.

  • 3

    Test your email by sending it to yourself before to ensure that it looks as it should and any links are working.

Here's the tricky part: You have to hit send. You may never be 100% satisfied, but at this point, it has to be good enough.

Hit "send" today.

Then sit back, knowing your email marketing efforts will make a difference in your business! It feels GREAT!